Donate to rebuild the
Cathedral Notre Dame de l’Assomption

The reconstruction of the Cathedral destroyed in the earthquake of January 12, 2010 was launched on April 15, 2012, when registration opened for the international design competition. The competition is well on its way to yielding drawings and plans that the Archbishop of Port-au-Prince, Mgr Guire Poulard, believes must “engage the future and celebrate life.” The reconstruction of the Cathedral Notre Dame de l’Assomption is important to the Church and people of Haiti, and will advance as well the rebuilding of the nation’s capital.

The goal is to raise $40 million in the coming 3 years. This amount should have the Cathedral well underway and provide an opportunity for assessing the needs for completion within a decade.

Contribution in any amount will help grow the fund that will be disbursed over time. So please donate now in any amount. All contributiions will receive an acknowledgement of sincere appreciation, and individual gifts from the United States can be eligible for 501(c)(3) tax deductions.

  • Contributions of $1000 or more will earn a personalized note of gratitude from the Archbishop
  • The Archbishop will hope to meet those who contribute $5000 or more
  • The Archbishop will extend an invitation to lunch to donors of $10,000 or more

About the Conference Episcopale d'Haiti Global, Inc.

The Conference Episcopale d’Haiti (CEH) or conference of Haitian Catholic bishops unites the efforts of the country’s two Archdioceses and eight dioceses. These incorporate 230 parishes dedicated to serve 10 million Haitians, a majority of which is Roman Catholic. The CEH receives tax-deductible contributions for designated construction projects in Haiti through its Florida Non-Tax corporation: Conference Episcopale d'Haiti Global, Inc.

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