Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids To Buy in 2021

By Peter •  Updated on: April 1st, 2021 at 5:06 am

In this article, we are featuring some of the best electric dirt bikes in order to help you with your purchase.

Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids – Our Picks

Riding a dirt bike could turn out to be one of the most adventurous and thrilling experiences for your kids.

1. Razor SX500 McGrath Best Electric Dirt Bike

Razor Dirt Rocket SX500

The Razor Dirt Rocket bike is highly recommended for your kids. This is the best bike for your little champion
The bike comes with the following features:

It provides comfort and ease:

The Electronic Dirt Bike namely Razor Dirt Rocket has been specifically designed keeping in mind the ease and comfort of your kids during the ride.

Beautiful design is captivating:

Of course, the beautiful design of the bike is another reason, why we recommend this racing bike. It not only attracts the attention of the viewers. But your kid, too, gets mesmerized by the beautifully designed bike. And hence, enjoys the long and comfortable ride on Razor Dirt Rocket Bike.

Most comfortable Seat:

The comfortable seat is one of the features that parents are often concerned about when they set out to buy a bike for their kids.

The seat of the Electronic Dirt Bike has been specifically designed to provide the kids with ease and comfort; generally, the racing bikes have crooked seats but the Razor Dirt Rocket has the straight seat to help kids sit straight during the ride.

Heavy tires make for a bump-free ride:

The heavy tires of the bike are another feature to fall for, the tires are specifically designed to ensure a smooth, comfortable ride, and provide with a maximum power transfer.

The heavy tires of the Razor Dirt Rocket ride reduce the bumps and a rider can feel ease on the roads as well as on the grassy areas.

Highly resistant against puncture and damage:

The bike comes featured with the double-layer of the rubber makes the tires highly resistant against puncture and damage. Razor Dirt bike can easily cover the long-distance with ease once the battery is fully charged.

The battery has been fully secured in the box fixed in the middle part of the bike, and in case the bike slips on the road for any reason, no damage will occur to the battery fixed in the bike’s middle part. This feature is what makes Razor Dirt Rocket the most durable bike.


  • The Razor Dirt Bike comes assembled.
  • Capable of carrying the weight limit of 200 Ib.
  • Ideal for a smooth, comfortable ride, on the grassy area as well as on the road.
  • The battery and electric kit are replaceable.


  • Not recommended for overweight, bulky and over-aged children
  • Its ride is not suitable for hilly areas.

The link below will get you to the official supplier having the best price available.

2. Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Razor MX650

The second best recommended Electric Dirt Bike for your kids is the Rocket Electric Motocross Bike. Of course, you can rely on the Rocket Electric Motocross Bike to make the ride an enjoyable experience for your kids, thanks to its smoothest ride.

The body of the bike is constructed with the combination of steel and plastic which gives it a unique look.

Attractive design:

The attractive design of the Motocross bike really appeals to the senses of children and instantly grabs the attention of the bike-loving kids.

Safest bike for your children:

Any kid, riding such a nice bike can get excited and tend to race fast on the road. But the great thing is not only the bike has an appealing look, but also it runs at a moderate speed on the road ensuring the safety of your kids. The bike comes featured with the heavy and secured tiers that do not let the bike slip on the road either.

Kid’s friendly bike:

The motor of the Rocket Electric Motocross Bike has been fixed on in a highly secured way in the middle part of the bike.

Also, the bike carries a great silencer of high quality resisting the noise of the bike’s motor, which might have sounded unpleasant and irritating to the rider’s senses.
The motor of the bike takes electric current from the 36 volts battery fixed with the motor. Also, the friendly design of the bike makes it an enjoyable experience for the kids to ride on it.Fore.g., a straight handle made of steel helps the kid turn to the right or to the left without any difficulty.

Considering all the superb features of the bike makes it hard for any kid not to fall in love with the sleek, stylish, and friendly bike.

Weather-resistant Bike:
The genuine parts of the bike remain secure from the seasonal effects is another great feature, indeed.
The company, however, considered it obligatory to inform the customer of the pros and cons of the unique bike namely Razor MX 650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike which are as follows.


  • The bike features a rare disc brake.
  • Durable construction and attractive design
  • Weather-resistant bike.
  • Highly durable tires and resist puncture and damage of various kinds.
  • The battery and electric kit are replaceable.


  • Some of its parts have to be assembled.
  • Once purchased, it cannot be returned.

3. Razor Mx350 Rocket Electric Dirt Bike

Razor Mx350

Razor MX 350 is the highly recommended bike among the Electric Dirt Bike series. The great combination of steel and highly durable plastic makes the construction of the dirt bike really attractive and worth spending money on.

Extremely enjoyable ride:
The ride of the bike is extremely enjoyable for a kid and he may experience the feeling of being a great racer on the road. The highly durable material used in the making of the bike ensures it resists the weather effects. It is the dream of many kids and gives best riding experience.

Rust and weather-resistant bike:
The dirt bike namely Rocket MX 350 is made up of the waterproof material resisting rust and all other seasonal damages to the bike.

Vibrant colors attract children:
The dirt bike comes with a unique combination of different colors. The vibrant colors give fresh energy and look appealing to the eyes, as children are generally attracted to colors, they find the dirt bike Razor MX 350 really appealing.

Comfortable ride:
The dirt bike Razor MX 350 features high quality manufacturing parts. The seat of the dirt bike, of course, provides the rider a real comfort and ease during the ride. The other parts; for example, handle and hands brakes are really solid; providing the rider with comfort and pleasurable ride.

Full control of the rider and solid tires:
The rare brakes remain under the perfect control of the rider during the ride. The tires of the dirt bike are made of a double layer of the rubber resisting damage and puncture forcefully. The motor and the battery fixed in the dirt bike are of extremely high quality to maintain the quality standard of the bike.

Now let’s review the pros and cons of the dirt bike Razor MX 350 which are given below for your satisfaction.


  • Quite easy to ride on the bike, even a beginner can ride it.
  • Easy to operate, features simple functions.


  • Some of its parts have to be assembled.
  • The dirt bike has a low seat.
  • The Constant speed of the bike.

4. Tao Tao Dirt bike DB14

Tao Tao Dirt bike DB14

Tao Tao Dirt Bike DB 14 gives a unique and durable look at first glance. The construction of the dirt bike is really attractive; it almost matches real racer’s bike that’s shown in the world racing championships held in the USA and UK.

Comfortable ride:
The Seat of the dirt bike is comfortable as well as durable. The rider, of course, feels at ease riding on a comfortable seat.

Powerful look:
The construction of the bike gives it somewhat a real heavy bike kind of a look and feel. Of course, the credit goes to the company for having designed such a powerful looking bike that depicts the message of power.

The front-wheel size of Tao Tao Dirt Bike DB 14 is 70/100-17″ and the rear wheel dimension is 90/100-14″, with the 125cc air-cooled single cylinder 4 stroke engines. The dirt bike kick-starts with the seat height of 30” inches. The dirt bike contains hydraulic disc brakes.

The following are the pros and cons to help you make the right decision.


  • The bike is available with a 90 days warranty.
  • The steel construction of the dirt bike resists seasonal effects.
  • It carries dirt bike frame geometry.


  • Some of its parts have to be assembled.
  • 12 hours ofbattery charge time.

5. MotoTec 50cc Demon Kids Gas Dirt Bike 2-Stroke Motorcycle

At number 5 of highly recommended Bikes, we have the MotoTec 50cc.

Unique and solid design:
Its unique and solid looks are features to boast of. The bike features a pink color that looks cool and will particularly go well with girls, as pink is a hot favorite among girls.

The solid construction of the bike makes it really stand out from other dirk bikes and attracts the attention of the bike-loving kids.

The nice combination of steel and high-quality solid plastic not only makes the bike a worthy buy but also ensures durability.

Smooth and comfortable ride:
The heavy tires of the bike make the ride very smooth, comfortable, and full of pleasure for the rider be it a girl or a boy, they both will love the ride.

Also, the double layer of the rubber used in the construction of the tires makes the tires very durable, hard to be punctured easily.

The following are the pros and cons of the bike one should bear in mind prior to making a purchase.


  • Capable of carrying the 220-pound weight limit.
  • Comes featured with a 90-day warranty.
  • Suitable to ride on the hilly areas.


  • Some of its parts have to be assembled.

6. Best Choice Products Kids 6V Ride On Motorcycle

Best Choice Products Kids 6V Ride On Motorcycle

The bike looks really stylish for its rather simple construction. The steel pipes used in the construction to enhance the durability of it against weather damages and rusting effects of winds.

Heavy tires
The small but heavy tires run the bike on-road as well as on the grassy areas with ease. This can run with a speed of 10 mph for 40 minutes continuously. The rider up to the age of 8 years can easily ride this eletric dirt bike.

The following are the pros and cons to be considered prior to buy the bike.


  • Easy to drive.


  • Some of its parts have to be assembled.
  • Consumption of the battery is more than usual.

7. Pulse Performance Products Em-1000 E-Motorcycle

Em-1000 E-Motorcycle

This electric motorbike is the perfect way for first-time riders to venture into off-road excitement. The EM-1000 features 100 watts of power and can reach speeds of up to 10 MPH, with a ride time of 40 continuous minutes. The bike is easy to handle and is suitable for children up to 120 lbs.

This unit totes impressionable features like a motorcycle-inspired Instant Response Throttle (ITR) for quick acceleration, a hand-brake that will trigger the rear drum brake for safe stopping, and a chain drive system that offers a smooth and enjoyable ride.

The bike has a reinforced steel frame with puncture-proof, shock-absorbing rubber (rear) and pneumatic (front) tires. This electric motorbike is designed for children as young as 8 years old, and is available in pink and blue!


  • Environmentally-friendly, 24-volt rechargeable electric battery
  • Heavy-duty, reinforced steel frame, and handlebars
  • Easy controls: twist throttle and hand-brake
  • Puncture Proof tires for added stability
  • Built for children as young as 8 years


  • Reaches speeds up to only 10 MPH
  • 10” wheels
  • No suspension
  • Compact frame is not suitable for larger children
  • Not customizable; parts are not sold separately

8. Fit Right 2021 DB003 40CC 4-Stroke Kids Dirt Off Road Mini Dirt Bike

4-Stroke Kids Dirt
This European-style, modern electric scooter is particularly stylish with its vintage-inspired frame. The Pocket Mod features a chain-driven electric motor and can reach speeds up to 15 MPH (after the first recharge), for 40 continuous minutes.

The scooter also comes with loads of unexpected features like a built-in storage compartment hidden under the padded seat, a retractable kickstand, and variable-speed acceleration. It’s also equipped with a motorcycle-inspired twist-grip throttle and hand-brake system, 12” pneumatic tires, as well as a rear suspension that ensures a comfortable and safe ride.
The Pocket Mod comes in a variety of colors: black, red, blue, two variants of pink, two variants of purple, and teal. It is suitable for children 12 and older, up to 150 lbs!


  • 4 stroke engine with 40cc
  • Compact for easy storage
  • Rear suspension for a comfortable ride
  • Generous color options
  • Variable speed acceleration
  • Environmentally-friendly


  • Not customizable

9. MM-B80 Motor Bike by Monster Moto

MM-B80 Motor Bike

This motorcycle-style motorbike is designed to recreate the same rush of adrenaline that adults experience in their full-sized novelties. The bike is encased in a fully welded steel tube frame with no-dent fenders to ensure durability on and off the pavement.
This option totes a pull-to-start (lawn mower-type) gas-powered overhead valve engine, and boasts speeds up to 23 MPH for 40-60 minutes of continuous use on one tank of gas! This bike has a moto-inspired twist throttle and a hand-brake that triggers the rear tire for safe stopping.

Other features include adjustable handlebars, 14” pneumatic balloon tires with steel rims, and an on/off kill-switch next to the throttle for emergency shutdown. The 1000 watt electric motor gives the bike a great push. This motorbike is suitable for children older than 16 and comes in pink/black, red/black, and American flag patterns.


  • Fast; reaches speeds up to 23 MPH
  • Customizable; decal options, and parts sold separately for custom painting
  • Durable; fully welded steel frame and dent proof
  • Gas tank eliminates waiting for a charge
  • Kill-switch for emergency shutdown


  • Not environmentally conscious; engine requires both oil and gas
  • Slow acceleration; 2.5 hp (intentionally, according to the manufacturer, for gradual speed change and to lower the intimidation of younger riders)
  • No suspension

10. Massimo Motor Warrior200 196CC Engine Super Size

This option is an eco-friendly alternative to the Monster Moto Classic Mini Bike. It comes with some of the same features mentioned above, but the gas-powered engine is replaced with a 24-volt rechargeable electric battery.

The included charger connects directly to the bike and will fully charge the battery in 5 hours! Unique features include 1-piece aluminum wheels with pneumatic tires, a motorcycle-style throttle with a charge indicator, and a safety speed limiter switch that toggles between 7mph and 11mph.

This mini bike has a run time of up to 45 minutes or 6 miles. It’s suitable for children ages 6 and up, and has a weight limit of 100 lbs. It will include both red and pink decals for customization.


  • Suitable for children as young as 6 years old
  • Customizable with decals
  • Kill-switch for emergency shutdown
  • Speed-limiter for younger children
  • Eco-friendly


  • Average suspension

Final Verdict

If you want something more comfortable and durable, then we highly recommend you to invest in Razor MX650. It comes with a stylish design and a powerful look.

It has many features that make it a great buy but durability is one factor that it boasts for. It has got a body constructed with steel which makes it durable and also weather-resistant (the body doesn’t get rusted in the long run, and stays the same in all weathers).

It also comes with 90 days warranty. The bike is at a little more expensive but its mind-blowing features and safety feature for your kids makes it worth every penny you spend on it.

If you want the best value for your money and not something too fancy. Then we highly recommend you to go for Razor SX500 McGrath. The bike offers a smooth, comfortable ride, on the grassy area as well as on uneven surfaces.

The best thing about this bike is that not only it comes at a reasonable price (that makes it an affordable bike for everyone) but also the battery and the electric kit is replaceable.

A person’s childhood is arguably the most definitive part of any human’s life. This important time is when people began to wonder, explore, and fill their thoughts with imagination, excitement, and adventure.

There’s no doubt that children are addicted to fun, and it’s not uncommon for parents to go to the extreme to make sure their child is able to take advantage of its most carefree phase in life.

This task isn’t one that any caregiver will take lightly, as there are many options to choose from and many things to consider.

One might want to examine safety specifications and whether the selection is age-appropriate, or environmentally conscious before making a final decision.
It is widely recommended that if a child is indeed ready to explore motorized vehicles, a motorbike is a top contender for a reasonable place to start.

Motorbikes will be familiar to anyone who has taken a ride on a traditional bicycle, and they will take it up a notch in terms of overall enjoyment for the rider! If a motorbike sounds the right place to start for a family, the following four options may be the right fit for the young adventurer.

How old the kids should be to ride an electric dirt bike?

According to my opinion, the kids should be minimum of 3 years old to ride the best electric dirt bikes. Kids should ride a dirt bike along with wheels for up to 4 years. The kids of 5 or 6 years can ride a bike even without training wheels and can even take small jumps.

[read more] It will be a little difficult to ride a bike in the beginning. But once you give training to your kids and they keep on practicing it will become very easy for them and they will ride a bike as fast as they can.

Protective gears are very important

As your kids are always very excited to ride a dirt bike. But it is very important to take precautionary measures.

Protective gears are must important for riding an electric dirt bike. Kids must wear a helmet, goggles, boots, chest protectors, knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves. I will recommend to the parent to always make your kids excited to wear protective gear.

Points that you have to consider before buying the best electric dirt bike:

1-You should measure the inseam of your kid:

Yes, it is very important to measure the inseam of your kid. Because each kid has its own size. Many bike manufacturers mention the appropriate inseam length.

Take your measurements along with you when you go for buying a dirt bike. Never buy a dirt bike if it has more size than your measurement. Because it will be very dangerous.

2-Buy a dirt bike according to the age of your kid:

It is very important to buy a dirt bike according to the age of your kid. It will be best to buy the slowest and easiest dirt bike for your younger kids. Buy a bike according to the skill of your kid. But if your kid is trained enough so they can ride their dirt bike faster.

3-Speed limit:

As we know most of the kids like to ride their bikes faster because an electric dirt bike offers speeds they have never experienced before such as 14 miles per hour like Razor mx350 electric dirt bike. But some kids are not comfortable with the speed limit of 14mph so they go for multi-speed options that will gradually increase the speed of dirt bikes.

But if your kid is not master enough to handle fast speed dirt bikes as 14mph so you can choose dirt bikes that offer key locks. Because of the key lock, your kids can not change the speed setting of a dirt bike. You can also choose an electric dirt bike that does not go faster than 3 to 4 miles per hour. In this way, you will be relaxed that your kids are safe while riding a bike which is the best according to their desires.

4-Safety of your kid:

Give proper training to your little child before riding a bike on a road because it will not be very easy for them to go in a rush and handle steering sand break with focus. Your kids should practice in an open place before going on a road.

The kids should have the proper training to handle the steering and brakes without losing their focus. Kids should use training in the beginning and when they consider themselves master enough to ride a bike without training wheels then they can go for it.

5-Tires of the electric dirt bike:

The tires of electric dirt bikes are either plastic or rubber to keep the balance. The rubber tires are already inflated when they came out of the box but in the case of plastic tires, a minimal set up required because they do not need inflating.

If the tires of an electric dirt bike get damaged then you can contact the manufacturer about the details of how to replace the tires of an electric dirt bike.

6-Battery life of your electric dirt bike:

Battery life of your electric dirt bike plays a very important role in your riding. You should not expect that every electric dirt bike has a very long span of battery life. In fact, many bikes have a battery life of about half an hour.

So it is quite happy news for those parents whose kids are stubborn and have a chance of going far away by traveling on an electric dirt bike. It will become a problem if the kids are jumping over bumps and the battery goes away. Because some dirt bikes do not have battery level indicators. Some dirt bikes have pocket mod charger such as Razors mx350 have a pocket mod charger.

So you have to keep in check the battery of your electric dirt bike. It is very important to fully charge your electric dirt bike before riding.

7-Design of your electric dirt bike:

Your kids always admire the full-sized model dirt bikes that they always watch on Tv. So it becomes their dream to ride such an electric dirt bike.

The bikes that we have mentioned above including mx350 are constructed to look exactly the same as many famous bikes. So your kids will feel like a hero will riding their favorite dirt bike.

8-Heaviness of the electric dirt bike:

Kids are not strong enough to move their dirt bike themselves while their dirt bike is switched off.

Kids always want to feel independent and they try to move their dirt bike towards the garage by themselves.

It is not very safe for them to move a heavy dirt bike when it is switched off. Dirt bikes of kids are not that heavy as compared to full-sized models. But still, you have to help them while moving their dirt bikes or supervise them. Obviously, you don’t want to damage the design and body of the dirt bikes.

Some dirt bikes come along with backpacks and coolers so your kids can put drinks and snacks along with them and go to the park.

9-You can make your kid’s dirt bikes chic like full-sized models:

All kids want their dirt bikes to look exactly like full-sized models. So you can buy mirrors, horns and a bike lock for their dirt bikes.

Your kids will be very excited about it. Some models come with all these features but not all the models of dirt bikes.

10-Location for riding an electric dirt bike:

You have to look for a proper location when it comes to riding an electric dirt bike. Your kids can ride their dirt bikes on the grass and roads.

But if your kids are adventurous you can surely look for a place that has bumpy roads. But if your kids are not properly trained then choose a straight road for them in the beginning.

Gradually when they will become masters of riding their dirt bikes then choose bumpy roads for them. In this way, they will feel comfortable and confident while riding their dirt bikes.

11-Maintenance of an electric dirt bike:

It is very important to maintain your kid’s electric dirt bike. You should develop a habit in your kids to maintain their dirt bikes. Actually, it is not a very big deal to maintain the dirt bike of kids as compared to full-sized models.

Assist your kids by showing them to wash their dirt bikes and clean the brakes to prevent blockage. Also, check the condition of their seats and tune their dirt bikes. You should also teach them to charge the battery of their dirt bikes fully after their ride. But as your kids will develop their habits of maintaining their dirt bikes it will produce a sense of responsibility in them so in the future if they will become professional bikers this habit will give benefit them.

Why should you encourage your kids to ride an electric dirt bike:

It is very important to encourage and teach your kids to ride an electric dirt bike. In this modern world, our kids are always busy using their phones or they just sit on their couch and study. There are very less adventurous things in their lives. So they are not very strong mentally and physically. The dirt bikes are available in the market because the manufacturers know how important physical activity is for the kids.

Mental growth occurs at an early stage of our youth. So to keep them strong mentally and physically, riding an electric dirt bike is the best option. In riding a dirt bike movement of hands.arms.legs.knees and even foot requires.

And the skills such as managing the weight of the bike and balancing the dirt bike and your body make your kids physically and mentally strong. Riding outdoor and watching natural sceneries relaxes their mind. Riding an electric dirt bike requires such skills that will produce a sense of responsibility in your kids and make them confident.

It also makes the bone of your child stronger. It also helps them to build self-respect in them. If you want to see your youth successful, happier, and healthier then you should definitely teach your child how to ride an electric dirt bike.

How to teach your kids to ride a dirt bike?

1-Start on a straight road:

I would recommend you to choose a straight dirt road in the beginning. Because it will help them to practice more. If you choose the bumpy road in the beginning then they will cover a distance of 20 to 25 feet without falling down so your kids will be frustrated in the beginning.

So start with an easy road with no traffic and don’t teach them to take a turn in the beginning. If you start to teach them how to take turns and teach them about gears it will be too much for them and it will not be digestible for them. Always start with easy and gradually increase the difficulty level.

2-Use training wheels in the beginning:

In the beginning, use training wheels for your child if he is 3 to 4 years so he will be comfortable while riding a dirt bike. But a child of 5-year should ride without training wheels and practice that again and again in order to come out of fear.

3-Size of electric dirt bikes:

Actually, the size of electric dirt bikes depends on the age of your kids. Don’t buy too large a dirt bike for them because it will become difficult for your kid to handle the dirt bike.

In the beginning, you can start with the 50cc bike because that is a small lightweight bike. But if your kid is not that small so this bike is not for him. If your kid is 13+ you can choose a Razor mx350 bike for him.

4-One skill in one time: Always teach one tip or skill at one time. In this way, your kids will pick up the skills easily. If you will teach more than one skill or tips then your kids will not be able to digest all the skills at one time.

On the first, day, teach your kids to start a dirt bike and balance their body on it. On the second day teach your kids to take 180 degrees turn. On the third day, you should teach your kid to increase the speed gradually. On the fourth day, teach your kids to maintain a proper riding position.

5-Safety is a must:

Before riding a bike you should encourage your kids to take precautionary measures and wear protective gear.[/read]


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