10 Best Back Scratchers 2021

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Back itch has hardly spared any of us. Itching on legs, belly, and arms is hardly insurmountable when it happens on back and hardly reachable areas, it compounds the annoyance. Finding a scratching tool in such itching situation amounts to an overflowing relief. Such tools are labeled as back scratchers. These relieve you of this trouble without compromising any of our kith and kin.

Thanks to the presence of versatile, effective, and fit-for-purpose back scratchers range that provide us salvation in seconds according to our budget, convenience, and taste. Some scratchers serve beyond scratching by exerting massage-like demand or pressure. This scratcher feature may better blood flow locally, exfoliate the user’s skin, and de-stress. The following shines 10 of the most helpful back scratchers 2021 to support you overpowering this unpredictable and sporadic itch.

1. Wovte Bear Claw Black Telescopic Back Scratcher

Wovte Bear Claw Black Telescopic Back Scratcher

The telescopic back scratcher by Wovte is unique in a sense that it is neither too sharp nor too dull. Wovte crafts its prongs with stainless steel and keeps its prongs round. Consequently, Wovte saves you from direct scratching and provides your skin with protection during scratching. Wovte enables it Bear Claw back scratcher to extend up to 23 inches to eliminate itch anywhere on the body and shorten to 8.4 inches for easy storing and carrying.

The 100% stainless steel means scratching for umpteen times, no risk of growing rusty (rust shortens the tool life and wounds your skin), no possibility of either breaking or bending, and lastly, the product longevity. The rubber grip by Wovte in its Bear Claw telescopic back scratcher delivers firm grip, serves you long, and fits your hand. Besides, the Wovte provided rubber grip doesn’t breakdown easily. You can send the elegant, distinctive, and valued Wovte back scratcher as a gift too.

2. 2 Pack Portable Extendable Back Scratcher by Flanker-L

2 Pack Portable Extendable Back Scratcher by Flanker-L

Flanker-L gets its back scratcher with a telescopic holder, which increases the scratcher to 26.96 inches highest from the compressed length of 7.87 inches. The 26.77 inches length accommodates people of different heights and moves everywhere itch is bothering you. Similarly, Flanker-L supports your saving and giving its compact scratcher with its shortened length of 7.87 inches. Anti-slip and rubber holder is soft to grip and comfortable to use.

By using stainless steel, Flanker-L lengthens its serviceability because it won’t rust, crook, crack, or deteriorate. With this Flanker-L made extendable back scratcher, itching won’t find any place to hide on your body. Flanker-L provided features and availability in six different cool colors makes this scratcher good enough to be gifted to anyone. Flanker-L presents this professional back scratcher in a black carrying bag.

Back Scratcher Machine

3. 4X Large and Compact Extendable Stainless Steel Telescoping Back Scratcher

Unooe Back Scratcher

Difficult reach makes back itching resolution difficult. Besides, many health conditions and the state of pregnancy make scratching on many body parts difficult to do. Seeking human intervention cannot be practical all the time for both genders, i.e., male and female. Telescoping Back Scratche provides an effective relief with its comfortable, and extendable back scratcher. Telescoping Back Scratche going for a smooth and polished finish of its stainless steel made back scratcher makes its scratcher stick out a mile.

Seven prongs of the bear shape hand with polished and smooth edges enable you to scratch to your heart’s content rather than employing your nails. Nails can bruise your skin and compromise your skin appearance, while smooth and rounded prongs in Telescoping Back Scratche don’t pose this issue. Telescoping puts its length fixing in your hand at any point from 8.46 to 27 inches. The rubber grip means easy handling. What is more, Telescoping gives a 2-year warranty and a refund satisfaction guarantee. Telescoping Back Scratche pack carries scratchers in yellow, purple, black, and red colors.

4. Bearback Back & Body Scratcher

Bearback Back & Body Scratcher

Cheap back scratchers fall apart soon and pose a danger to your skin with their rough finishing and poor quality making material. The Bearback back and body scracher is a worthy solution for its high quality, thoughtful design, quality construction and introducing blissful sensation to your skin. No wonder, many people prefer this Bearback scratcher to other brands. The head or the scratcher part sizes 4.5 inches, which suits your skin and gives itch relief.

Firm and pliable bristles on Bearback head allow you exerting pressure to your satisfaction without costing harm to your skin. The creative and patented design feels and looks good because of the foldable handle, right weight, and non-slip handle added by suitable length. Besides, its curvature Bearback tool an ideal tool for your largest itchy organ, i.e., skin. Top of the list, Bearback back and body scratchers carry a replacement warranty.

5. Back Scratcher Ohuhu 8 Pack Scratchers

 Back Scratcher Ohuhu 8 Pack Scratchers

Ohuhu brings its expandable back scratchers featuring bear claw. Ohuhu equips its product with the telescopic feature to lengthen to 22.2 inches from its contracted length of 7.8 inches. The 22.2 inches length helps the Ohuhu user to scratch back or other areas easily without asking some other person. With this much back scratcher length, pregnant women can utilize it. The 7.8 inches contracted size means this telescopic scratcher is easy to carry, keep, and store.

Ohuhu ensures strength, longevity and rust-free use by employing stainless steel. Regarding convenience, Ohuhu turns to a rubber grip that fits palms, provides a good grip, and resists slipping. Five throngs mean good scratching, massaging, and likewise. Ohuhu sells its scratchers on amazon.com in a pack of eight and all in different colors. As Ohuhu scratcher is good for back, head, foot, and likewise scratching and massaging, so it is worth gifting.

6. Battery Operated Back Scratcher

Battery Operated Back Scratcher

When it comes to back scratcher machine category, amazon.com shows a solution by Jobar. A 19-inch long hand of this automatic scratcher scratches your skin, including hard-to-reach areas. A switch turns on and off the tipped rotating part in the palm of the plastic hand to relieve you from nagging itchiness.

Jobar equips this skin-colored and battery-operated tool with automatic shut-off to blend in safety. Jobar goes for sturdy plastic construction, so that its solution keeps serving your itchiness-resolving needs for long. Two AA sized batteries power this electric back scratcher machine. It has amazing battery power and this scratch is just enough to relieve the itching.

Curved Back Scratcher

7. Back Scratcher for Women Men by Snowyee

Back Scratcher for Women Men by Snowyee

Snowyee presents its back scratchers in three forms, i.e., hand fingers, eagle claw and bear claw in a value pack on amazon.com. These are separately available too. These stainless steel Snowyee scratchers come with expandable and durable designs. Telescopic construction equips these Snowyee scratchers with a length up to 26.8 inches to massage or scratch hard-to-reach areas while durability rests on the stainless steel construction.

The minimum length of hand-shaped scratcher is 26.8 inches while the minimum is 7.58 inches. The bear claw-shaped Snowyee scratcher reaches the maximum and minimum length of 22.64 and 8.27 inches, respectively. Regarding the eagle claw-shaped Snowyee back scratcher, its length varies from 8.67 inches to 22.64 inches. The minimum size facilitates carrying and stores while the maximum size facilitates easy use. Quality and purpose make these Snowyee products worthy of gifting.

8. Cactus Back Scratcher On a Stick

 Cactus Back Scratcher On a Stick

The cactus back scratcher is a new approach to itching solutions. Sticking the cactus-shaped scratcher on a telescopic rod adds glitter to the gold. Cactus Scratcher scratches your skin softy but effectively while carrying 16 spikes on each side. 5 sections of the telescopic rod in Cactus Scratcher lengthen it to 26 inches to reach back easily.

When contracted, its 26 inches length shrinks to 8.5 inches, which facilitates its carrying. Another feature that sticks Cactus Scratcher a mile is the supporting moderate and aggressive scratching modes. Because, itching emerges light on some areas and grows severe on some. Durability is another feature here. The Cactus Scratcher is available in yellow, green, red, pink and blue colors.

9. Portable Extendable Back Scratcher, Owude

Portable Extendable Back Scratcher, Owude

Owude joins the list back scratcher provider on amazon.com. Its stainless steel scratcher reaches the 19.68-inch length because of the telescopic construction, featuring five sections. By using stainless steel, Owude blends rust-resisting, anti-bending, anti-breaking, and longevity features in its expandable back scratcher.

The 19.68-inch length lets Owude back scratcher reach your back, legs, arms, head, and likewise easily and does not let health situation or even pregnancy to stop you from scratching. The shortened length of 6.29-inch gives the portability feature to Owude’s said product. Owude adds glitter to the gold by offering a 100% money-back guarantee to its portable scratcher on amazon.com.

10. Itchstix Back Scratcher by Crislan

Itchstix Back Scratcher by Crislan

Crislan gets its curved back scratcher designed and assembled in the USA by the name of Itchstix. The handle of these hand-made Itchstix back facilitates scratching in any direction with one hand. The ½ inch thick stick gives strength and easy fitting to palm. The Crislan chosen pad features polyurethane made spikes that serves scratching purposes under clothes quite good by means of direct touch.

The curved shape allows Itchstix to reach shoulders and back. Besides, the Crislan product, i.e., Itchstix, facilitates sensual to aggressive scratching. The wood grain adds style. Smooth construction of Itchstix along with splinter-free feature gives this Crislan product an edge over its competitor. Finally, Crislan gives a money-back guarantee to its Itchstix back scratcher.

Best random backscratchers

11- Renook Bamboo Wooden Back Scratchers

These bamboo back scratchers are specially designed for pregnant women. These are environment-friendly backscratchers. These are hand made scratchers. These bamboo back scratchers are 17 inches long.

These scratchers offer durability and sturdiness that you can only get from bamboo.Renook offers a full replacement in case of any scratcher breaks. These can also be hung with a sling. These are also best for old people.

12-Reach That Itch Folding Back Scratcher

While traveling some scratchers are lightweight but are strange in shape. But this Reach That Itch Folding Back Scratcher can fold into thirds. So they are handy and you can also carry them with you in your bags.

This product is made of ABS plastic so it can not be bend or twist while itching. ts length is 18 inches which can reach across your entire back. t has its own travel pouch as well.

13-SinLoon Back Scratcher & Back Massager

It is also a telescoping back scratcher that can also be used as a back massager.It is 23 inches long and can be compact into 9 inches so it is travel friendly. It is a personalized gold plated skull claw hand so it is resistant to corrosion and breaking.

It does a great job to eliminate itching. Its unique design is very popular among customers. It is available as a two-pack.

14-The Bulldog Back Scratcher

This scratcher is similar to a body brush. It has a unique bristles design. Its bristles are made of sturdy nylon that is 5 inches long and helps you to relieve itching. It is 20 inches long back scratcher. It has a wide curve head that covers more space for itching.

It is made up of cruelty-free and hypoallergic material. and the material used in this scratcher is 100 percent recyclable. The company also tries its best for minimum usage of plastic for packaging.

15-. Redneck Backscratcher

Redneck always shows that bigger is better. This redneck backscratcher has a unique shape and style. It has 15 tines. It is 8 inches wide. It is a long backscratcher that can be used even those lower back itchy spots. It has a sturdy plastic handle. As its head is 8 inches wide so it can cover more space can give relief from itching faster.

As this is not a portable one but it can give relief faster than most of the other backscratchers. It is one of the most rated backscratchers on the market.

16- Gutian Telescoping Back Scratcher

This is 6 pack telescoping backscratcher with six different color handles such as Red, aqua, green. purple, black and pink. It has a soft-grip handle so you can easily hold a scratcher while itching. It has a bear claw pattern.

Its tips are smooth so they cannot harm your skin. When it is closed its length becomes 3 inches. so it is very portable. It can extend up to 22.8 inches. So it is one of the longest scratchers.

17-Vivreal back massager and backscratcher

This is an electric back massager. It offers so much more. It has 6 speed,6 mode back massager with an automatic back scratcher attachment. This is a rechargeable device. After charging it can run for about 100 minutes so you have enough time for removing your itchiness.

It has an auto shut off after 15 minutes. This is made of ABS plastic so it is environment friendly as well. It has a power of 8 volts. It comes with 6 plastic massage tools: neck, thigh, foot, back. leg and ankle. It comes with 6 speeds that you can adjust according to your comfort. It is easy to see and has LED lighted controls. It also has a one year warranty.

18-Vastools Metal Telescopic Back Scratchers

If you love to have intense relief from metal backscratcher then this back scratcher is for you. It has a curved claw design. It has an extendable design. It contains soft frosted handles. It is lightweight. And as it is extendable so it can be fit in your pocket. Its curved claw is about 2 inches. This is one of the best backscratchers that are retractable.

As it is lightweight so you can carry it into your pocket or into your bag while traveling without feeling burden. It is a durable and strong backscratcher. Its soft frosted handle provides you grip while itching.

19-Vermont Maple Back Scratcher 

If you are looking for a simple woody backscratcher then this one is for you. You can gift this backscratcher to your friends and family. It is 16 inches long. So it can reach those lower back areas up to which your hands can not reach. It has a plant-based natural finish and crafted from hardwood.

It has smooth teeth at one end that works as a finger for quick relief from itching. It has a narrow design so it is lightweight. You can use it comfortably.

20-Telescoping Back scratchers

This one is a travel-friendly back scratcher. You can easily pick it and use it. It has a folded design. It has a soft handle that gives you a grip so you can hold it firmly and use it comfortably while itching. Its retractable design is comfortable to use.

Its length is 22.2 inches so it can easily reach in those areas up to which our hands cannot reach. When it is folded it becomes 8.12 inches. So it can be fir in your bag very easily. Its handle is 4.92 inches and is made of rubber that provides your full grip so you can itch comfortably.

It has a claw at one end which acts as a scratching surface. The claw is lightly polished to make it safe while scratching. It is sturdy and it does not bend with repeated use. Its super soft handle can help to relieve the pain of muscles.

The characteristics of the good scratcher

The good scratcher does not mean that it has to look beautiful or stylish. The good backscratcher is one that performs well and gives relief.


It should be neither too smooth nor too sharp.




It should be durable so it can withstand pressure and force.

Travel friendly:

Environment Friendly:

Unique style and work:

Calms Your Body:


Cause of an itchy back


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